Donations List:

Updated on 10/16/2005

Cai Weijun (Chemistry 82-85)   $60
Deng Aijun  $200
Duan Benchun (Geophysics-87) $66
Gao Shangxin(Steve)(Geophysics-80) and Liu Hong, $150
Huang, Wen (Biology, 1983), $50
Fu Yuanyun (Biology-88 ), $30
Ji Shengxiang (Chemistry-94 ), $30
Jiang Honghua (Fishery management-87), $50
Jin Yu (Geophysics-79) $100
Li Jianke (Meteorology-92), $50 
Liu Jianlei $20
Liu Jingpu(Geolog-88) and Lin Jing (Meterology-89), $100
Liu Xiaoming (Physical Oceanography-87), $20
Luan, Shu-sheng (Oceanography graduate school, 1985) $200
Miao Shichang (Chemistry-81), $200
Peng Machuan(Physical Oceanography-83), $50
Peng Shiqiu (Meterology-87), $30
Qiu, Zhao-hua and Yi, Xin-ye (Biology, 1992), $100
Song Hongwei (English-84) $100)
Wang Xintai, Zhao Xiaoyan (Geology, )  $100
Wu Yafei  $60

Xia, Yan (Geology, 1984), $200
Xu Hongzhou (Metrology-98), $20
Xu, Jingping (Geology, 1984)$100
Xue Zuo (Geology-98), $20
Xue Fangjian $200
Yan Tingzhuang (IOCAS-Qingdao ), $20
Yang Chunmei (Biology-87) $50
Yu Chunli  $200

Yu Lili $20 

Yu Zhou
(Geophysics )  $100 
Zhang Daping (
Geophysics-80) $100
Zhang Xiaoyu $100 
Zhao Lin $100
Zhou Wei, Gao Xiaowen , $100

Dear OUC alumni

 For the past several weeks we saw how Hurricane Katrina has ruined the city of New Orleans along with the life of millions of innocent people. Among the victims is one of our own. Ms. Huang Ke Wen (1980-84, Geophysics) and her family lived in Metaire near Lake Pontchartrain. The roof of their house was blown off by the hurricane. Now the house, and everything in it, was badly flooded and inhabitable. The family of four are taking shelters in a friend's house in Baton Rouge.

 With the help of FEMA and local government Ms. Huang and her family survived the natural disaster. Now they need our help to rebuild their lives back to normal. We need to do our part to show our passion and support to our homeless alumni. Please donate to the Katrina relief fund set up for this purpose.

OUC Overseas Alumni has set up three donation centers ( For alumni who live in other areas (or countries) you may contact any of the three centers.

OUC Overseas Alumni Carolinas Chapter (EAST COAST): 

Contact: Paul Liu,; 919-515-7977 (O)

Mailing address: 108 Stablegate Dr.  Cary,  NC 27513

OUC Overseas Alumni Texas Chapter:  (Southern)

Contact: Zhou Yu,; 281-366-3878 (O)

Mailing address: 20714 Autumn Terrace Ln, Katy, TX 77450

OUC Overseas Alumni SF Bay Area (WEST COAST):

Contact: Jingping Xu,; 650-329-5283 (O); 408-306-4539 (C)

Mailing address: 1087 W. Remington Dr., Sunnyvale, CA 94087


Please write your check to the order of any of the three organizers or Ms. Huang Ke-Wen and send it to one of the addresses above. After receiving your check, a confirmation message will be sent to you via email. All funds will be delivered to Ms. Huang Ke-wen by the end of the month-long donation drive (10/15/2005).

Thank you.

Yu Zhou,
Jingping and Jingpu
Date: 9/15/2005