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Subject: Our thank you message
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 08:30:42 -0800 (PST)
From: kewen huang <pskewen@yahoo.com>
To: Paul Liu <jpliu@ncsu.edu>, Zhou.Yu@bp.com, jpx@usgs.gov

Dear Paul, Zhou, and Jingping,

We moved back last Saturday. The kids start their
normal school today. The whole community is getting
back to normal piece by piece and so do our family.
Attached is the Thank You message from my family to
all our friends. Plesae publish it in our Alumni web


Dear Alumni:

My family and I are so thankful to receive the generous donations from each of you at this most difficult time. Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans area, and turned our normal life upside down. Millions were forced to evacuate. Buildings were destroyed and the whole city was flooded. The community we lived in for many years is no longer the same.

Our house was flooded too. Most of the household contents were destroyed. Only the building frame and the brick wall were still salvageable. We have been living in a friend’s house in Baton Rouge for two months. Among these evacuees, we are the lucky ones because we have gotten a helping hand from friends like you.

Now the storm has gone, the sky is clear and sun is shinning. We have moved back last weekend and try to resume our normal life. It will take at least a year to fix the house, however we are confident that we will build a better life in the future.

I got your mailing addresses from your donation checks. I will mail out my personal thank you notes later. For those friends whose mailing addresses from your checks need to be updated, please e-mail me the most current ones to pskewen@yahoo.com.

Thank you again for the help.

Kewen and her family