Today (April 2, 2011) I received my copy of the book of "River Discharge to the Coastal Ocean-A Global Synthesis" by Milliman and Farnsworth (2011). What a river bible! I will update this online database (water and sediment dischrage part) gradually and accordingly.

How much suspended sediment discharged collectively by worldwide rivers to the global ocean?

Based on Milliman and Farnsworth (2011)'s new estimation (see the figure below), the answer is 19,000 × 106 t/yr, or simply to say 19 billion tons per year.

Here, we provide a more dynamic and detail global river and delta database on an interactive Google Map. After you log in, please click one of the river irons in the left-side Google map window, you will be able to see more detailed information.

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global river-derived sediment flux

Many thanks to the supports from the S2S community. Special thanks to helps and encouragements from Kim Cohen (Utrecht, NL), Albert Kettner (CSDMS, Colorado,USA), Steve Kuehl (VIMS, USA), Francisco Lobo (IACT, Spain), John Milliman (VIMS, USA), Chuck Nittrouer(UW, USA), Irina Overeem(Colorado,USA), André Sawakuchi (USP,BR), Houjie Wang (OUC, CN), Geert-Jan Vis(TNO, NL), ..... more will be added......

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Wikipedia, many published papers, webpages, and scientific communications. A reference list is under work.

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